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The Crawfish Challenge

From the middle of March until July, it's Crawfish Season in Houston and what better way to celebrate than with a Q & A with 94.5 The Buzz's Alex Middleton. This season, Alex, along with his Pass The Gravy Podcast member, Chris, and a few other friends, made it a challenge to eat crawfish every week during Crawfish Season.

Alex Middleton, Pass The Gravy Podcast

Q & A

Q: How did this all start? What got you to think about doing this?

A: My friend Chris and I, who I do my podcast with, were talking about how fun it is to go out to drink and eat crawfish. That's what it started as, then we thought about ranking the crawfish and then I talked about how many weeks I could go and he bet I wouldn't do more than two or three, and I am stubborn and wanted to prove him wrong. So now I'm in my 13th week. I've eaten crawfish 15 times in 13 weeks.

Q: What do you look for in your ideal Crawfish meal?

A: I want it to be spicy, but not too spicy. And I don't judge my crawfish until I've had 10 of them, and then you have to have the corn, cause that will have the seasoning on it. But the first 10 with no spice or butter, just the flavor of it.

Q: Drink of choice?

A: Beer, doesn't really matter. Whatever else anyone else is drinking.

Q: Out of all the ones you've tried so far, which one is the best?

A: LA Fisherman, it's vietnamese style with lemongrass. We got their house special with medium spice. I think we had nine pounds between three people. It was awesome.

Q: Any tips or tricks?

A: I had this one friend, took him out for his birthday for crawfish and I was just consumed, eating my crawfish, but then I noticed he wasn't going through his as quickly as mine.
Long story short: Eat the meat, not the shell.

Q: Do you think you will do this again next year?

A: I don't know, it's expensive. So far on my podcast we do reviews for BBQ and Crawfish, which so happen to be the two most expensive things, crawfish is fun, but you typically spend a lot, I mean you are buying beer, so it adds up. I would like to see it keep going though.

Q: How much longer will you keep going this season?

A: The dream is until the end of the Crawfish Season which I think is mid July - 21 weeks total. Started out with 5, then had to get to double digits, so who knows.

Currently, Alex is in his 15th week of crawfish, with the finish line in sight. If you are interested in staying up to date on his Crawfish Challenge, or just want to listen to his podcast, follow Pass The Gravy on social media and listen for free on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and passthegravypod.com

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