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G.N.O. + Double Dates
G.N.O. + Double Dates

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Talk about a busy three day weekend.

Starting off with a bang, I went out Friday night to celebrate a friends birthday. Scratching another thing off my Houston to-do list, we rented two Bike Bars and peddled our way around downtown. 

Fitting 16 per bike (and only $15 per person), the Houston Bike Bar allows you to bring beer and wine (no glass) and snacks if you'd like. Each bike bar had an employee who directed and drove the bar, with our peddling charging the battery. From start to finish, the whole trip lasted two hours, starting at the Bike Bar location and ending at Pete's Piano bar at Green Street. I am not sure if that was requested by the birthday girl, or if there are only certain areas you can be dropped off. 

Free popcorn, $1.00 Jello Shots & Everclear Soaked Pineapple at Sunny's Bar

The birthday girl spinning the wheel at Boots 'n Shoots to choose her shot 

We had three stops, long enough to grab a drink or shot and stretch our legs. Although the driver had a good playlist going, we were able to use our phones to mix it up. It was an amazing experience to see Houston from a different angle, and to visit some bars I had not been to yet. 

How much did I like it? Let's just say I'm already planning one for the fall. 

The next part of my whirl wind weekend allowed me to escape the every day hustle of Houston and venture north to Tyler State Park. Each year, my family and I get together at a state park to celebrate the 4th of July. In recent years, we have visited Garner State Park, but wanted to switch it up. About a 3 1/2 hour drive north, Tyler State Park is smaller and most but still just as beautiful. Nestled in the pineywoods, you feel miles away from civilization, and that's a good thing. 

We arrived Saturday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning. Since everyone had sleeping cots, we reserved shelters and brought our own food, drinks and camping supplies. Oh, and fans, lots of fans. Upon arriving we went down to the lake with my family and relaxed in the sun, surrounded by the tranquility of the pine trees and constant laughter. 

Sunday we started with a hike around one of the original picnic areas from when the park was founded back in the mid 1930's. Complete with a children's wading pool, which is now eerily abandoned, the hike provided points of interest from the types of trees growing, to the wild life that inhabited the area. 

Before it became too hot, we rented a few paddle boats, canoe's and kayaks. We spent an hour on the lake, taking in the natural beauty and catching some sun rays.

After a quick lunch and a trip to the store, we went back to the lake to swim for a few hours. Exhausted from the heat and water, we spent the rest of the night relaxing and creating memories with my family. We had mixed emotions about leaving on Monday, happy to be back in a world with A/C, but sad to be leaving such a beautiful place. 

Leaving early on Monday allowed us to get home and unwind before the hectic work week took back over. Although we had been busy enough, we wanted to do something to celebrate the 4th the right way, with fireworks. I looked online and saw that the Miller Outdoor Theater was hosting the ExxonMobil Summer Symphony Nights: Star-Spangled Salute.

My favorite part about any of the free shows here is that you get to bring food and drinks, as well as blankets to sit on. Such a great way to enjoy a hot summer night.


The concert ranged from patriotic classics to Broadway hits. And of course, a spectacular fireworks show at the end.

My 4th of July outfit: Subtle, but you get the point. 

Side note: After coming to a few free events at the outdoor theatre, I have learned that they block off the main entrance (Houston Zoo parking) to help with the traffic flow. Therefore, I have finally found the perfect spot to beat the traffic and get to the show on time. If you go up one more street from the main entrance, and turn left, there is a decent sized parking lot that has "Public Parking" signs everywhere. Yes, you do have to pay, but I'd pay $8.00 any day to get a decent parking space without losing too much time. Even with this time saving hack, I would suggest getting to the venue at least one hour prior to the show to score the best lawn seats. 

It's safe to say I made the most of my weekend and it was well worth the lack of sleep. Whether you are staying in Houston or traveling for the holidays, there is always something to find and new things to discover. 

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