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How To Spend Valentine's Day In Houston

My favorite part about holidays like Valentine's is the opportunity to create memories and explore parts of Houston I haven't been to yet. This year I decided to plan a full day of new places to eat and visit. I created a treasure map, and had a scratch off for each location, along with a clue. Although we were not able to get everything done, this became one of my favorite Valentine's ever.

Houston, Where Art Thou?

After getting off to a late start, we began our day in the Heights where the Houston and Before I Die wall art can be found. His clue for this stop was a bundle of chalk. On the Before I Die wall, you can add your own, and while sometimes you can find chalk, I thought it would be smart to bring our own.

Give Him What He Wants: Beer & Video Games

Without being too crunched for time, we skipped our next stop and went straight for lunch. His clue for lunch at Kung Fu Saloon was a small Zelda container, eluding to the fact that you can play video games (most of them for free) while you drink and eat. Lunch was good, but short because our next stop was time sensitive.

To Beer or Not To Beer?

For years I had been wanting to visit the St. Arnold's Brewery, so of course I snuck that into our plans. St. Arnold's Brewery gives tours on Saturday for $10.00 which includes a pint glass and 4 - 8oz. tastings. As an added surprise, I had some of my good friends meet us there. His clue for this spot was a small baseball sized card that gave the history on the actual St. Arnold and how he became the patron saint of beer.

I Am Drinking Ale Today

Something I was not aware of, is that the brewery closes at 3:00 pm. So after our tour we decided to head to the next spot, Bovine & Barley. His clue for this restaurant was a toy cow that had "Drink More Beer" written on paper to tie in the fact the restaurant is known for their beer and meat. Such a cute place with the awesome HTX lights and Edgar Allen Poe quote. The food was pretty good too, a place I plan on going back to.

 My plan after this was to go visit the Waterwall in the Galleria, but with our timing being off, we skipped that and went back home to relax and get ready for dinner.

Dinner & A Light Show

I chose The Grove at Discovery Green for dinner for a few reasons. 1) I had not been here yet and I've only heard good things and 2) They had a reasonably priced pre-set menu for Valentine's day. His clue for dinner was a wooden tree with "lights" because right outside of The Grove, the Bruce Munro's Field of Lights art installation was going on. A beautiful addition to our amazing dinner.

And We Danced Drank All Night

I didn't technically have anything planned after dinner. I thought we could play that by ear and maybe visit a few of our favorite bars downtown. Ironically, some of our close friends were celebrating their birthdays around the corner, so we met up with them at La Carafe (the oldest bar in Houston) for an eventful ending to our wonderful day.

What would I change? I would not plan as much, and leave more time for flexibility. Ideally, we would have gotten a hotel downtown, but we were trying to save money, so we opted to leave time to return home and get ready for the night there.

If you are interested in recreating this day, for any occasion or Saturday, you can view the full itinerary here. To learn how to make your own scratch off treasure map, read my blog post here.

This was the first of many Houston Staycations, and I can't wait to see how my next one goes!

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