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How To Create Your Own Scratch Off Treasure Map

For years I've had that one pin on Pinterest that I've been waiting to use. How to make your own scratch off tutorial sounds too easy and fun to go to waste so I made sure to incorporate it into my Valentine's Day plans. (which you can read about here.)

The project: Treasure Map of Houston


  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • White Crayon
  • Acrylic paint (choose your own color)
  • Small sponge paint brush to apply soap / paint mix

  1. Mix equal parts paint and soap
  2. Color the area you want to be covered with a white crayon
  3. Apply paint and soap mixture over crayon
  4. Allow to dry

In addition, I created a clue for each destination, making him guess before he scratched it off.

Breakfast: Food Truck & Coffee             Houston Graffiti                                Art Car Museum

Lunch: Kung Fu Saloon                        St. Arnold Brewery                       Snack: Bovine & Barley

                                       Waterwall                                           Dinner: The Grove

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